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I am an International Master Coach, Business Strategist, TEDx Speaker, Trainer, Publisher and Bestselling Author, with an outstanding 21 year legal career in property who has now dedicated another 12 years to helping businesses, including Government projects, to harness their uniqueness to increase productivity and earnings.  I was voted Top 100 Business Woman in Wales 2017, Swansea Black Icon 2018 and Excellence in business Award winner 2017(presented at the Welsh Sennedd), Diversity and Inclusion Award Winner 2021 with multiple nominations in 2022 and continuing. I have spoken at the United Nations, The House of Lords, Royal Society London and more. My real passion is supporting businesses globally to find their unique winning formula, by utilising my  business diagnostics  and strategy sessions. Having trained thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses since 2009, served as Chair of the Neath Chamber of Trade (my hometown), sat on the Neath Town Centre Consortium and now as Ambassador to the Commonwealth Entrepreneurs Club, I am qualified to teach you how to build or reinvent yourself as an expert in your field by tapping into what you already have within you.

If you would like to know how to launch or pivot a business under 12 months to a global platform, become an "overnight" globally sought-after speaker, offered government contracts, invited to sit on Boards, diversify into multiple streams of income based on demand without ever writing a proposal, paid for referrals, or developed a large online audience…this course is for you!
Bernie Davies
How Will You Benefit?
1. Gain clarity - gaining a clear vision of your business - The WHO, WHY the WHAT and the HOW.
a. The WHO in your business is the foundation on which it stands. I will help you to know yourself and Discover Your "You Print".
Once you understand WHAT you bring to the market  and that no one else can ( as only you can be you), you will learn to build your business brand around that discovery. You will be clear on your niche and be clever in how you build on that to attract your perfect clients. 
b. Your WHY is what keeps you going when the chips are down. I will help you re-discover or identify the reason your business or service is needed by establishing what is the difference that it makes and the problem it solves. With this clarity, together we will develop a clear strategy and powerful messaging.

c. The next step is easy, as your understanding of who you are and what you bring to the marketplace, will inform HOW you create your service delivery, develop your products, build your associates and collaborators and direct your messaging. You will be careful in how you choose your clients as you will begin to understand that your Clients need you as much as you need them. They therefore, need you to always show up as the best version of yourself and I will help you to achieve this.
2. Build Confidence - As it starts with YOU and it starts in the MIND, I will be helping you to build your confidence like a house and give you confidence building tools and strategies to protect it going forward.
a. You will learn how to charge what you are worth and increase your prices when everyone else is giving discounts.
b. You will become comfortable with saying "NO".
3. Create a Winning Brand - Using the tools learnt in 1 & 2 I will help you create an authentic best version of yourself to sell to your ideal Client. Unless you master 1 and 2 you will not truly know who your ideal Client is.
4. Gain Key Emotional Intelligence Skills - I will be coaching you on how to use key  personality profiling techniques to gain the edge when networking and seeking Clients. You will also get some written resources such as practical guidelines and supporting information to assist you further.
5. Learn how to leverage your social capital and gain referrals. I will be working with you on strategies to gain inbound clients and referrals which does not include paying for leads. Let me show you how.
6. Learn skills to be seen by the right people and Sought after.
a. It is one thing to blow your own trumpet but it’s completely different when others are shouting about you. Let me show you my strategy to becoming in demand on mainstream TV, Radio, Print and online media over the last 12 months regarding my new business. I did it for years before and did it again, using the same strategies.
b. Learn how to stop writing proposals and instead getting bookings flooding into your DMs, emails and all social media platforms.
c. Learn how to get global invitations for paid Speaking and other services.
Choose Your Package
Online Program
Stand Alone or Combined
£897- £3,000
You have the option of the online programme only OR a combined mentoring package. You watch the videos, do the coursework, read the handouts and follow the expert advice from anywhere in the world at any time  and become a client magnet!
One 2 One Strategy Sessions
£2,500- £5,000
Success is not a stroke of luck. My Business MRI diagnostics and strategy sessions will give you proven tools and bespoke strategies for success. Personalised one to one sessions with me will empower you to build and execute a winning strategy for gaining your best clients!
Mentoring Support
Power Hours & Bespoke Sessions
Every Coach needs a Coach and every mentor needs a mentor. Together, after careful analysis of your personal and business challenges, we will find the answers. provide you with any support that you may need throughout the agreed process. Be prepared to do the work! Bernie is!


Award Winning Lawyer


It was fantastic! Throughout the session, Bernie gave me really helpful and practical key things I should be focusing on to improve the consistency of my brand and messaging, and to increase industry awareness. Myself and my team have already started implementing these recommendations. I can't believe it was possible to receive so many good pointers and carve out a clear path for improving the branding and messaging for my business. Would highly recommend.


Award Winning Diversity & Inclusion Thought Leader

Bernie is a superstar! With her expert training and mentoring I was able to move from a place of discouragement to soar to my strengths, launched my Talk Show as a sought after media personality, won national awards, created history as the first Black Female Chair of a major political party's Ward and Author; all in under 12 months. I am now the first black female Councillor for my Ward, The principles work! 

Once you sign up and have paid:
  1. If you have not already completed a Pre-coaching and and a Visibility questionnaire, you will be sent them both for completion
  2. My team will be in touch to schedule your services as booked
  3. You will be given step by step tips and strategies to becoming respected and sought after as an expert in your field and:
    1. build your own "tribe" and understand how to use emotional intelligence to leverage your social capital and grow your business
    2. become an influencer and a sought after thought leader without having a large online audience
    3. win your ideal clients and build a successful business

What To Expect?

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